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Product and Technology Initiatives

Management of securely networked devices, systems, applications, and services continue to be unnecessarily expensive. The time necessary for knowledgeable staff to develop these management solutions eats away at project budgets. The technology needs to be easier to deploy and use. To this end, SNMP Research has created product and technology initiatives that move the current SNMP standards forward. Our initiatives mean that there are new products and features available to you.

Ease-of-Use Initiative

Software developers, IT professionals, and network administrators will find many SNMP Research products which simplify the development, configuration, and management of SNMP-based devices and applications.

SimplePolicyPro (part of EnterPol) allows administrators to define configurations easily and distribute them automatically to similar agents located throughout the network. This means they can simplify SNMPv3-based management with security and administration.

MIBGuide provides a graphical component to our automated, code-generating toolkit. The point-and-click interaction shortens the learning curve and aids both the novice and the more advanced SNMP developer in creating management extensions. MIBGuide, an intuitive, graphical development interface is provided for use with EMANATE Agent Development Toolkits, for C-language or Java-language development at no additional cost.

Advanced Protocol Operations (APO), a new way to do SNMP is available for licensing. APO introduces aggregate objects and a more natural data model, allows a single request to operate on entire tables or rows, provides selectable levels to reduce SNMP packet size, and adds new utilities for easier and more efficient operations.

EMANATE ONE allows you to access and exchange management information your way. SNMP Research offers ready-to-use solutions to access management information with CLI, XML, and Web, in addition to SNMP. These solutions are available bundled together as EMANATE ONE, and are available individually as EPIC CLI, EPIC XML, and DR-Web.

Extended Security Options

SNMP Research was first to add encryption to SNMP. In Release 16, the Extended Security Options (ESO) initiative introduced new security protocols, 3DES and AES for stronger encryption and implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect communications spanning through firewalls using the Distributed Security Pack. Release 17 continues the ESO initiative by using SSL to secure communications between EMANATE Master Agents and Remotely Coupled Subagents or between BRASS Servers and BRASS Management Applications.

One reason to choose our tools for your important project is this ability to secure communication between cooperating processes residing on different machines. Using SSL for securing Master-to-Subagent communication allows a single agent to securely monitor an entire rack hosting several servers and systems rather than requiring that the agent resides on the same system as the Subagent. Similarly, using SSL with BRASS means that management applications are no longer limited by the capacity of the machine where the primary manager is installed. SNMP Research's security initiatives offer a competitive advantage over other SNMP alternatives which do not offer communication like this.

XML-Based Management Initiative

SNMP Research has developed an XML mapping of the SNMP protocol that conforms to industry standards so the data can be used in other XML-friendly applications. The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used in diverse applications: defining schemas for how information is stored and presented, and protocols for exchanging data between applications and systems from different vendors, for example.

Since Release 16.2, XML-based SNMP messaging support has been built in to EMANATE ONE and EMANATE ONE/Lite. Beginning in Release 17, XML support is available to the BRASS product family as BRASS XML. Using XML to describe SNMP information allows SNMP messages to be sent over SSL or TCP as an alternate communication protocol. In some corporate environments, security polices may allow TCP to cross firewall boundaries in places where standard SNMP over UDP is blocked.

Technical Support

SNMP Research offers exceptional technical support. Maintenance contracts for updates, enhancements, and assistance are available on all products. Our Software Service Agreement gives you support to your development engineers, software fixes when required, and upgrades.


Please contact us about the exciting opportunities in Release 17. Customers with an active service agreement will automatically receive an upgrade as soon as it is available.

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