CIAgent helps detect, analyze, and resolve problems with systems before customers and users notice a service outage. CIAgent provides a standards-based monitoring and control interface that can be accessed via a Web-based interface.

DR-Web™ (included with CIAgent) allows the use of Web browsers to access management information in SNMP agents. Through DR-Web, CIAgent accepts HTTP requests in addition to SNMP requests for information. Using DR-Web allows both traditional SNMP management applications and Web browsers to retrieve and change the information made available by any EMANATE® Subagent.

CIAgent Architecture

DR-Web is designed to allow safe, controlled access to managed information. The Web server is built into the Master Agent for added security. HTTP and SNMP requests for information are handled in the same way. After an SNMP message or an HTTP message has been deciphered, the essentials of the request are inserted into EMANATE's internal queuing subsystem. From there, information is retrieved in the "normal" way from EMANATE Subagents. Afterwards, a response message (of the appropriate type) is created and sent back to the sender of the original message.

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