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The SNMP Security Analyzer™ is a software tool that assists in the deployment and administration of SNMPv3. If an SNMPv3 manager is unable to communicate with an SNMPv3 agent and it is not clear why, this tool can help find the cause. It also can identify SNMP security exposures that may not be obvious to the network administrators.

The SNMP Security Analyzer has a discovery engine that can find all the devices on the network. Once the SNMP Security Analyzer finds an agent on the network, it conducts extensive testing on that SNMP agent looking for misconfiguations that may prevent SNMPv3 communication, misconfigurations that weaken SNMP security, and known SNMPv3 security vulnerabilities. Once the analysis is complete, the Security Analyzer automatically generates reports that identify and prioritize the discovered issues.

SNMP Security Analyzer Control Application

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