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The primary business of SNMP Research International is creating, licensing, and supporting software for the management of networks, systems, applications, and legacy devices. Our objective is to help companies deploy standards-based management with shorter time-to-market, lower costs, better fidelity to standards and interoperability with less risk.

We provide innovative solutions for extensible agent, manager station, and mid-level manager implementations that are based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, HTTP, and other protocols. SNMP Research provides products and services worldwide to end-users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), value-added resellers, and system integrators.

    secure intelligence

Performance Management
SNMP Packages on Tap
at N+I (NetworkWorld Fusion)
New Additions to EnterPol
SNMPv3 Configuration Wizard &
CIAgent Monitoring Tool
SNMPv3 Goes Full Standard
Previous versions become
Assessment of CERT advisory
CERT Advisory
Impact for SNMP Research
For Microsoft Windows Server
- immediate solution
to CERT CA-2002-03 Alert
A suite of products designed to
manage networks, systems, and
applications (CIAgent & EnterPol)
Software downloads
Allows non-SNMP protocols to
communicate with an SNMP agent
Conference Presentations
IM2001 & NANOG 22

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