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Praise for SNMP Research

The following is a small sample of the many kind messages that we have received from our customers and partners over the years. For more information on our Technical Support, please contact our sales department:

I've always enjoyed business with SNMP Research because things get done and response times are very quick.

Markus Peltonen
Staff Engineer
A customer since 1997, in Finland

The EMANATE family of SNMP agents extends the network management capabilities available for our INTEGRITY and VelOSity operating system.

Dan Mender
Director, Business Development
Green Hills Software

We believe in offering software from the best vendors for our customers to use in our OSE operating system.

Anders Flodin
Director of Strategic Alliances
Enea Embedded Technology

I recently installed and ran BRASS 17.1 32-bit and 64-bit releases for Solaris/SPARC and the BRASS 17.1 64-bit release for Solaris/AMD. I want to say that the upgrade, moving from BRASS 16.2, went very easily and almost without any problem! In fact, compiling portions of the code for 64-bit and integrating them with the 64-bit BRASS toolkit and libraries was painless. All I had to do was update the link-edit configuration to name the new library -- that was it! Tremendous!

Greg Moberg
Director, NerveCenter Engineering

Thanks to Terry, Faith, and anyone else behind the scenes for the "A++"support. This was an excellent support experience. Your company's willingness to work with us in changing the way your product installation worked, and the speed in which the work was completed is not only greatly appreciated, I would call that going above and beyond.

Scott Hodler
Integration Lab Administrator
Harris Stratex Networks Inc.

Your Support staff has just been the best the past couple of months. Their responses and suggestions have been great help in getting my project to a stable and flexible (easy-to-change) state!

I have done all sorts of difficult and out-of-the-ordinary things with your product for my client, and your support staff has always responded with great answers and suggestions, or "do this instead of that" responses.

In this day where tech support is done primarily through the Internet and email (which I think has made it worse for us consumers), your level of excellence and commitment is one you should be proud of.

Jeff Vinson
Founder and Consultant
Advanced Software Logic, Inc.

I'm pretty set on your product at this point. I've been able to do everything I originally set out to do. The tech support has been outstanding and that alone would be reason enough to go with your product.

Ray Smyth
Software Engineer
High Fidelity Engineering

Thank you so much for the help with SNMPv3 configurations. With your great patience and excellent instruction I was able to configure "trapsend" to successfully send SNMPv3 notifications.

Ningning Hu
Software Engineer
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Sacramento, CA

We really are pleased with your work! We in the DataCom/Telecom division of Tality Corporation have been impressed with the quality of the SNMP Research agent. It is our agent of choice.

A year ago, we were faced with a situation where we had to add SNMPv2c on top of an existing SNMPv1 implementation in short order. We spent some time handling the customer's expectations that this would not be trivial, and to expect some delays as we made this transition. In the end, all we did was change the require compile flags, re-compile, and away we went. Well done!

Jeff Aldred
Project Manager
Tality Corporation

Your Overall Performance Rating is 100%. This represents the arithmetic mean of your Quality Rating, 100%, and Delivery Rating, 100%. Your current Performance Rating is EXCELLENT.

L-3 Communications commends you for your quality and delivery performance achievements and encourages continuous performance improvements.

Mr. Shirl Ferre
Principal Quality Engineer
L-3 Communications

Your customer support team has provided excellent support. They can discuss the principles of the application and jump right into the code. The depth and breadth of their knowledge of EMANATE has impressed me.

Dr. Robert Folkerts
Software Engineer
Perot Systems
Cedar Rapids, IA

You are just amazing! I do not have enough words to appreciate your responsiveness. For 14 years I've been in software development, your organization has provided the best level of support I have ever experienced.

Brian Park
Software Engineering Team Leader

Thanks a lot for your patience and help. I was able to get the MIB-2 agent loaded and working for GETs. After installing the EMANATE/Lite, the development of our entire agent was very smooth and the technical help that we got was superb. The technical support people at SNMP Research have been extremely helpful and are very knowledgeable.

Charuhas Ghatge

SNMP Research lives up to it's reputation of being the market leader in helping companies reduce their time-to-market when creating SNMP agents. The attractiveness of our product depended heavily on it's ability to utilize the SNMP protocol and the time constraint for implementing the protocol was extremely tight.

SNMP Research's EMANATE product for creating proxy agents is superior. The learning curve can be steep but SNMP Research's support line is extremely responsive with knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated engineers. A quality product from a quality company!

Meredith Turner
Software Engineering Contractor

Kudos are due your developers at SNMP Research! I've used other SNMP SDKs, and read documentation for still others. They were all quite unpleasant, to be frank. I always felt that I should just have to compile the MIB, provide the MIB data ("instrumentation"), and provide some smarts for advancing table indices. But, the other packages always required me to do that and much more. Not so with EMANATE: there's no rough edges, all the corners have been rounded off. It was so pleasant, that not only was I able to focus on my instrumentation, but I also felt encouraged to flesh out the MIBs (RFC 2248 and 2249), providing instrumentation for some of the more esoteric variables which I otherwise would not have done (and did not do in the past when using other SDKs). Thanks!

Dan Newman
Senior Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
West Covina, CA.

Once again, your prompt and expert advice has proven instrumental in resolving a problem.

Richard Klein

Thank you for your fast response. As always, you were a great help.

Mohammad Elmi