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Agent or Manager?

Do you need an Agent or a Manager? An agent is a software process that responds to queries using the Simple Network Management Protocol to provide status and statistics about a network node. A manager is an application that manages SNMP agents on a network by issuing requests, getting responses, and listening for and processing agent-issued traps.

If you need to manage agents across a network, then view the Manager products page. If you need to create or edit agents, please refer to the Agent products page.


SNMP Research has developed highly extensible products that are flexible enough to support diverse network and system requirements. These products enable organizations to get full value from their installed base of SNMP management data, while taking advantage of Web-based access, Java™ interfaces, and other advances now coming to market. We also offer options for adding extensive security mechanisms to SNMP-based frameworks.

All of SNMP Research's products are IETF standards-based; extensible via optional toolkits; support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3; and support multiple platforms. We offer four options for browsing our products:

Alphabetical and categorized product lists are also available.

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