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About SNMP Research

About SNMP Research

SNMP Research is a privately held company that specializes in solutions for Internet and network security applications. We focus on network security first, and pride ourselves on the strength of the standards we implement, and, in many cases, helped to write.

SNMP Research International, Inc. is a small business. Please contact for more information. We are registered with the Central Contractor Registration (

Network Security

When intruders attack your management framework, SNMPv3 protects it with authentication, encryption, and access control. SNMP Research's products are specifically designed to meet the ever-growing demands of our clientele. Our products add SNMPv3 secure management to older devices which support only SNMPv1/v2c. The SecureIntelligence® products enhance third-party network management solutions like CA eHealth™ by adding SNMPv3 support. The Distributed SNMP Security Pack™ allows management through firewalls without requiring ports for UDP/IP traffic.

Strength in Standards

Because of our involvement in generating Internet standards, we have always been (and continue to be) instrumental in the definition and success of the Internet Standards Management Framework. What makes us the leader in providing enterprise management solutions? Our founder, Dr. Jeff Case, and our staff of engineers have authored or co-authored many standards and MIB documents. Jeff is also the co-author of SNMP. Not only are our implementations based on the Internet Standards, but also the standards are often based on our implementations.

Historically, SNMP has been a key enabling technology for the initial and subsequent phenomenal growth of the Internet. Today, SNMP allows systems administrators to monitor and control heterogenous devices from one location instead of physically checking each networked device. SNMP managers provide a unified view of the network's performance, fault, configuration, etc., by retrieving information from SNMP agents.

High Tech in the Hills of Tennessee

Nestled in the scenic Smoky Mountain foothills of east Tennessee, SNMP Research provides tools for secure management, policy deployment, and agent and manager development based on the SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 and related specifications. Our business is Internet management for networks, systems, applications, and services. We primarily create licensing and support software (license agreements, royalties, royalty buy-outs). In addition, we offer Web-based management including Java™. We provide software maintenance, professional services, and training.

Since 1988, we have been a leading provider of Internet and Network solutions to top information technology and OEM companies. Our product strength comes from our customers because we strive to enhance and improve our products by including requested features with each release.

We believe that SNMP Research is a name synonymous with superior standards-based, secure Internet and network management.