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LogMatrix™ provides Network Management software for IT Operations Management. LogMatrix' flagship product, NerveCenter™, provides a Network and Application Management software solution that gives customers a customizable, extensible solution for managing their network environment with SNMP and ICMP protocols.

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SNMP Research's BRASS and EMANATE products are integral to LogMatrix' solution by providing NerveCenter a robust, flexible SNMP Stack and SNMP Agent. BRASS operates seamlessly in the NerveCenter environment affording high speed SNMP and ICMP query operation, delivering vital information to user's Network Management platforms, and enabling customers to proactively learn about potential concerns. EMANATE enables NerveCenter to provide manger-to-manager communication via SNMP; it allows network management platforms including NerveCenter itself to monitor NerveCenter servers.

Through the use of the BRASS, NerveCenter customers have been able to dramatically increase the scale of their queries per server without the need to upgrade hardware. BRASS runs reliably and with high throughput at rigorous, high demand customer sites performing SNMP queries critical for their business. Query throughput rates, regularly measured by customers in terms of thousands of query operation per minute, are maintained 24x7 without error or system strain.

The combined BRASS & EMANATE product suite has enabled LogMatrix to provide its customers with a cost effective, reliable solution that will allow support for years to come.

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