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SNMP Research's technology is based upon 18+ years of experience in network management and security. Our implementations are standards-compliant. Many of our products are designed with modular architecture in mind. This page provides an overview of technologies used in network management and links to other pages where you can learn more.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is one of the standard operations and maintenance protocols for the Internet. SNMP has been a key technology that enabled the Internet's phenomenal growth.
SNMPv3 Protocol with Security and Administration
SNMPv3 with Security and Administration provides general information on SNMP Research's implementations, as well as general SNMPv3 information.
SNMP over TLS and DTLS
Transport Layer Security, the next generation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), has been added to the SNMPv3 architecture. The (D)TLS Option is available to license Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) support for SNMP Agents or SNMP Managers.
Extended Security Options
SNMP Research products beginning with release 16.1 support the Triple DES Privacy Protocol and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Privacy Protocol for SNMPv3 privacy.
XML-Based Management
Discover how SNMP Research has been developing solutions to incorporate the Extensible Markup Language (XML) into standards-based network management.
White Papers
Read white papers and solution guides for SNMPv3, product initiatives, proxy concepts, and developing SNMP Agents.
A glossary of terms and definitions related to network management and SNMP.
Frequently Asked Questions
Read our FAQs on SNMP, SNMP Agents, SNMP Managers, and the archive SNMP FAQ from comp.protocols.snmp.

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