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Many security-conscious customers have security needs greater than the authentication and encryption schemes defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards documents for SNMP. In particular, they need stronger cryptography schemes that are more difficult to be compromised. To meet this requirement, SNMP Research introduces Extended Security Options (ESO), an enhanced standard for cryptography using the technology of the SNMPv3 standard. SNMP Research products beginning with release 16.1 (domestic1) support the Triple DES Privacy Protocol and the AES Privacy Protocol for SNMPv3 privacy. The AES Privacy Protocol is available for use with 128, 192, and 256, bit keys.

For more information regarding SNMP Research's implementation of ESO read the "Extended Security Options for Standards-Based Network Management" technical brief (PDF file).

About the Extended Security Options Consortium

The Extended Security Options (ESO) Consortium is a multivendor organization established to define, create, and deploy advancements in security for use with the SNMPv3 architecture. The three areas under consideration are strong cryptography, third-party authentication, and key ignition. Initial work has dealt with providing strong cryptography to accompany the strong authentication inherent in the User-based Security Model (USM) (RFC 3414).

The following documents are available:

1. AES and 3-DES are not available outside the United States due to export restrictions.

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