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SNMPv3 Configuration and Administration

EnterPol®, a member of the SecureIntelligence ® family, offers policy-based tools for seamless management of networks, systems, applications, and services. EnterPol also implements the Internet Standard Management Framework based on SNMPv3 and uses many standard Management Information Base (MIB) modules.

EnterPol solves an SNMPv3 autodiscovery problem: how can a secure agent (which is programmed not to respond to autodiscovery) be autodiscovered if its correct pass phrase isn't known?

EnterPol also handles the configuration, management, and distribution of SNMPv3 pass phrases. Changing pass phrases regularly becomes a simple process, which saves system administration staff time. The graphical user interface offers an interactive approach setting up secrets, users, and MIB views for those experienced or new to SNMPv3 security issues.

In addition, EnterPol easily works with CIAgent®. EnterPol displays and works with CIAgent MIB objects. (CIAgent is an open standards-based solution for managing servers and applications.)

EnterPol consists of several applications: Simple PolicyPro®, CIAgent® PolicyPro®, Iconic Network Map, Event Log Console, SNMPv3 Configuration Wizard, and CIAgent® Monitor. Descriptions and features of these applications are provided below.

Simple PolicyPro

The Simple PolicyPro® application allows administrators to oversee SNMP-based management, especially SNMPv3-based management with security and administration. The administrator can define configurations and automatically distribute them to agents located throughout the network. Configurable data includes usernames, pass phrases, view-based access control, community strings with access rights for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c transactions, and notification (Trap and Inform) destinations. This tool uses policy-based automation to ease the administrative burden associated with securing the management function.


CIAgent PolicyPro

The CIAgent® PolicyPro® application is used to manage not only the network, but the systems connected to the network, the applications which run on those systems, and services provided by the applications. The CIAgent PolicyPro presents a simple, user-friendly interface for configuring multiple CIAgents. The administrator can configure one or many agents, as well as distribute existing configurations to multiple agents located throughout the network through the power and convenience of a policy-based tool.


Iconic Network Map

The Iconic Network Map uses colors and icons to indicate network status at a glance. The Map makes it easy to view the IP subnets and the IP hosts that have been automatically discovered and to which subnet each host belongs. The user can move easily between parent maps and submaps and can specify whether the subnets are "managed" or "unmanaged." The user can also view the current status for a selected device or launch other EnterPol applications for selected devices.


Event Log Console

The Event Log Console allows the user to view the network events that have been recorded by the EnterPol system. Event information includes the event time, whether the event has been acknowledged, the event severity, event type, and event parameters.


SNMPv3 Configuration Wizard

The SNMPv3 Configuration Wizard makes configuration of SNMPv3-based agents and managers quick and easy. The Wizard guides the user through all the steps for configuration of SNMPv3 security including: establishment of a secure connection for initial configuration, addition of new users, configuration of pass phrases, set-up of fine-grained access control policies, and definition of notification destinations (SNMP-based managers). The Wizard is also an excellent tool for gaining a basic understanding of how the SNMPv3 administrative model works.


CIAgent Monitor

CIAgent® Monitor displays performance, availability, and configuration information for servers and networking equipment with next-generation SNMP agents, including the company's own CIAgent. CIAgent Monitor logically organizes management information in both summary and detailed views of network, system, application, process, and service performance. Information is clearly labeled and presented in tables, graphs, meters, and status lights. All views are modeled using XML, which provides a powerful architecture for extending and modifying views.

A unique feature is the integration with SNMP Research's EMANATE® agent development tools. This integration allows additional management views of non-standard management objects, which have been implemented by an enterprise or service provider, to be automatically generated. For example, an enterprise may encapsulate their management tools developed for "home-grown" applications as an elegant extension of CIAgent. These "home-grown" applications can now be managed remotely through secure and standards-based SNMPv3, and the automatic view-generation facility of CIAgent Monitor will create graphical views of the performance and health of these applications.


EnterPol Infrastructure Components

The EnterPol® infrastructure components provide the tools necessary to allow EnterPol applications to run in a seamless management environment. These components are the Autodiscovery Engine, Communications Services, Database Services, and the Event Subsystem. The descriptions of these components are provided below.

Autodiscovery Engine

The Autodiscovery Engine offers a layer 3 discovery of systems and devices. It writes all device characteristics to the database and makes that information available to EnterPol's applications. Autodiscovery determines such information as the type of device, the version of SNMP supported, IP services, UDP services, the TCP services, and whether the device is currently managed.

When EnterPol is started, Autodiscovery automatically discovers the network and transfers device characteristics to the Iconic Network Map for display. The Autodiscovery Engine is also bounded and limited, which allows the user to choose which networks to discover and the rate at which they are discovered.

Communications Services

Communications services provide all operational communications for EnterPol.

PMAMM. Interprocess communications are provided by an underlying service library, Process Management and Message Management (PMAMM), that supplies both interprocess communications and process initiation and termination. This architecture provides all communicating processes with both robust communications and notification of process termination.

epserver. The EnterPol server (epserver) process keeps track of which processes are running and handles message dispatching between processes. These messages are used for EnterPol-specific messages, such as informing the map server that new devices are available for display.

Database Services

In the current release of EnterPol, database services are provided by a lightweight B-tree-based database designed for rapid data access and modification on small to medium-size data sets. The database engine runs as a separate process to allow simple management of locking services. The database integration points are well delineated, allowing for easy replacement with other database package Application Programming Interfaces.

Event Subsystem

The Event Subsystem reports both notifications and EnterPol server events. The Event server determines which events to receive and adds those events to the database. The Event Server also receives acknowledgment, delete, and create messages and displays the appropriate information to the Event Log Console.

Available Platforms

EnterPol is available on the following platforms:

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

Please note: When a product is licensed, the product will support one platform of your choosing. If you need a product to run on two or more platforms, then a separate license must be acquired for each platform.

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