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Asynchronous Request Library

Choose Asynchronous Request Library™ (ARL) when you want a single management application to run alone on a host, to access the widest range of information from SNMP agents, and to perform the hard parts of SNMP for you. Because of its small footprint, ARL is primarily used with embedded systems.

The Asynchronous Request Library (ARL) provides the same management facilities that the Bilingual Request and Security Subsystem (BRASS™) provides except that management applications do not have access to the single, shared SNMP stack and datastore.

ARL supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.


The SNMP Asynchronous Request Library (ARL) provides an API for building SNMP manager applications or integrating SNMP manager capabilities into an existing application. The ARL simplifies writing manager applications that take advantage of the SNMP management framework without requiring the developer to have SNMP expertise.

The ARL performs network requests in an asynchronous (non-blocking) manner. That is, an application makes an API call to send a request and receives a callback when the response is received. In addition, applications can register to receive traps and notifications, which may be passed to the correct application when received by the ARL.

The ARL can be used within an EMANATE® Subagent or other SNMP agents to add management capabilities to an SNMP agent. This allows easy creation of dual-role entities (such as the Mid-Level Manager).


ARL has the following features:

In addition, ARL has been integrated into SNMP Research's BRASS™ to allow multiple applications access to SNMPv3 security configuration files at the same time.

Available Platforms

ARL is available on the following platforms:

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

Please note: When a product is licensed, the product will support one platform of your choosing. If you need a product to run on two or more platforms, then a separate license must be acquired for each platform.

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