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Is Your Network Safe?

Your day-to-day network operations run smoothly. You have invested wisely in management software and staff training to provide quality tools and processes for the operation of your environment. Your management "eco-system" is standards-based, so you have the flexibility to select best-in-class products and not be controlled by a single vendor. You've integrated much of your system and application management into your network management systems to provide end-to-end management.

What keeps you awake at night? Knowing that your CIO is going to return one day from an executive staff meeting and mandate that you add "security" to everything, including your network management systems? Will you be prepared? Have you implemented standards-based security in your network test lab or for portions of your network, so you are ready to execute when the mandate is issued?

Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3

The SNMP version 3 Framework (SNMPv3) was defined and implemented specifically to add security to network management. The final SNMPv3 standards documents were published by the IETF in 2002 when SNMPv3 was promoted to "full standard." Most SNMP agents supplied with networking devices shipped in the past few years provide support for SNMPv3.

Security Threats and Protection

SNMPv3 with security and administration protects against the five main security threats outlined in the table below.

Security Threats and SNMPv3 Protection
Threat SNMPv3 Protection
Masquerade Verifies the identify of the message's origin by checking the integrity of the data.
Modification of Information Thwarts accidental or intentional alterations of in-transit messages by checking the integrity of the data, including a time stamp.
Message Stream Modification Thwarts replay attacks by checking message stream integrity, including a time stamp.
Disclosure Prevents eavesdropping by protocol analyzers, etc., by using encryption.
Unauthorized Access Verifies operator authorization and protects critical data from intentional and/or accidental corruption by using an access control table (part of policy-based management).

SNMP Research and SNMPv3

SNMP Research was a leader in the definition of SNMPv3 and had one of the first commercial implementations. Today, all SNMP Research products support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 with options to support SNMPv3 only. We have solutions to add SNMPv3 support to popular management systems including CA eHealth® and HP Performance Insight Manager*. We have enterprise-quality system management agents, and remote policy-based applications for configuring and managing SNMPv3 security credentials.

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