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SNMPv3-Only Edition™

All EMANATE® and EMANATE/Lite development kits and CIAgent® end-user products are available as a special version that has been hardened for use in network environments having the most stringent security requirements to protect computing assets from intrusion. In the SNMPv3-Only Edition™, all program code for insecure SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c historic protocols is completely removed.

Recent highly-publicized and broad network intrusions have created an urgency to deploy network elements that enforce the strongest security posture available. The SNMPv3 Internet Standard for secure management was fully standardized in 2002, and it has become inexcusable to continue to perform management functions using the older, insecure SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c protocols. Acceptable periods of transition have long expired during which it was adequate to simply delete all community strings from an SNMP agent's initial configuration. Now, it is imperative that new devices are no longer capable and sending or receiving SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c messages. Manufacturers that wish to continue to remain competitive must complete the transition to an SNMPv3-only management infrastructure.

SNMPv3-Only Edition™ EMANATE and EMANATE/Lite products provide developers with a solution that completely supports authenticated and private (encrypted) SNMPv3 communication for management. At the same time, the SNMPv3-Only Edition™ completely removes the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c capabilities that were previously considered features. With the SNMPv3-Only Edition™, there is no chance of accidentally including vulnerable, historic management protocols that could act as a "back door" for intruders attempting to subvert the network management system to gain entry into the network.

EMANATE is an industry-accepted solution for creating SNMPv3 agents, automatically. The SNMPv3-Only Edition™ supports Version 3 of the Simple Network Management Protocol with options for Advanced Protocol Operations for SNMP (APO), Command-Line Interface (CLI), Web-based Management (HTTPS), and integration of other protocols (EPIC). EMANATE supports UDP communication over both IPv4 and IPv6. In addition an EMANATE option allows building a secure tunnel using (D)TLS over TCP. With EMANATE, you can develop the agent once for SNMP and potential support for bundled protocols just comes along.


SNMPv3-Only Edition™ versions of the following products are available now.

CIAgent® is a ready-to-run SNMP agent which supports SNMP and HTTP. This secure agent is built on the EMANATE® Master Agent and includes many extensions for system and application management. CIAgents may be configured to perform policy-based automated actions based on threshold events and commands from management applications. CIAgent provides multiple ready-to-run subagents, SNMP utilities, and MIB tools in binary.

EMANATE® is an industry standard for SNMP agent extensibility. The EMANATE family of products provides developers with a master agent/subagent architecture for C-language and Java™-language environments.

EMANATE®/Lite is a monolithic SNMP agent, which includes an easy-to-use development toolkit for adding MIB extensions to the agent at compile time. The software provides the core SNMP protocol engine that should be installed within each SNMP managed element or device. EMANATE/Lite is ideally suited for use in embedded systems. For information on a non-SNMP protocol interface for EMANATE/Lite, visit the EPIC product page.

EMANATE® ONE is a complete package solution available for EMANATE and EMANATE/Lite. When software developers need to add management support to their product using SNMP, Web-based access, CLI, or XML interfaces, EMANATE ONE provides all of the software and tools necessary to rapidly develop an agent with standards-based and custom MIB support.

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