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Mid-Level Manager is included with CIAgent®.

Mid-Level Manager

The Mid-Level Manager™ (MLM) functions as both an agent and a manager bringing hierarchical management to SNMP-managed networks. This capability is ideal for large and/or distributed networks. The MLM uses scripts designed to perform routine management functions such as polling. Scripts can aggregate, summarize, and transform data into useful information for reporting to the enterprise management.


The Mid-Level Manager is a "dual-role entity," which means that it acts in both an agent role and a manager role. To managers requesting information from the Mid-Level Manager, it is an agent, while to those agents it queries, it is a manager. MLM is primarily used for distributed network management.

When MLM is placed remotely across a WAN link from the enterprise manager, this obviates to a certain degree the necessity of performing the "normal" SNMP polling, which has traditionally been used in SNMP management. This reduces polling traffic on the WAN link, which can mean significant cost savings. Furthermore, should the WAN link "go down" for some reason, the Mid-Level Manager continues to provide management at the local site despite the separation from the enterprise manager. Finally, the local management provides a prompt first-line response to problems while leaving the enterprise manager in the position of final authority. After the first-line response, the enterprise manager can evaluate the situation more thoroughly and judge if further action is required.

The Mid-Level Manager allows the enterprise manager(s) to download applications written as scripts via SNMP set requests, which perform routine management functions to the Mid-Level Manager through the use of the Mid-Level Manager MIB. These scripts can be configured to execute periodically or can be run on command. As a result, the Network Operations Center is able to reduce traffic on wide area network links in the network since polling can thereby be localized. Fewer enterprise manager(s) will be required to provide the required monitoring and control of more agents since the Mid-Level Manager does not require a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The MLM can be installed on a file server, remote PC, workstation, or router.

The Mid-Level Manager is designed to do the "trench work" of routine management through the use of the SNMP Script Language, leaving the enterprise manager(s) to respond to the exceptional situations. The Mid-Level Manager produces results that can be retrieved and used by the standard graphing, logging, and alarm tools of today's enterprise managers. The enterprise manager can retrieve the information using get, getnext, or getbulk requests.

Alternatively, the Mid-Level Manager can issue traps and/or informs.

The SNMP Script Language is a proven feature, derived from the XNETMON Network Management Station, which provides an easy-to-use interface for performing SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 requests. Scripts may call other scripts, transfer control to other scripts, or execute shell commands. The MLM communicates with the enterprise manager through the use of traps and inform requests. These traps and inform requests are controlled within the scripts.

For more information, view the "SNMP Mid-Level Manager MIB" and the "SNMP Script Language."

The Goal of the Mid-Level Manager

In the last several years, there has been rapid development of new MIB documents to manage new kinds of devices with SNMP. There is a very large set of MIB objects available to managers. However, oftentimes this large amount of data is simply data, which is difficult to interpret rather than useful information. The purpose of the Mid-Level Manager is to enable the enterprise manager to write SNMP management applications (scripts), which are distributed to subordinate managers (Mid-Level Managers) who turn this wealth of data that they retrieve/manipulate into information useful to the enterprise manager. This useful information can be retrieved by the enterprise manager in the usual SNMP way, or the Mid-Level Manager can notify the enterprise manager using traps and notifications.

Note that the area of distributed management is receiving a great deal of attention within the Internet Engineering Task Force community in the near future. The DisMan Working Group is underway, and SNMP Research has been actively involved in this effort.


MLM Architecture

Mid-Level Manager Features

Mid-level Manager offers the following features:

Available Platforms

Native Subgent Adapter is a plugin for EMANATE and EMANATE ONE and requires one of these products to function. Native Subgent Adapter is available on the following platforms:

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