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EMANATE ONE includes EPIC XML. EMANATE ONE provides multi-protocol access to unified managed data. Managed data is automatically accessible out-of-the-box through SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), CLI, XML, and HTTP).

EPIC™ is a protocol interface component for EMANATE and EMANATE/Lite used to develop unified SNMP, XML, CLI, and Web-based management easily.

EPIC™ CLI is a ready-to-use, easily extendable, command-line interface toolkit which provides multi-protocol access to configure network devices.

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Communicating Management Information Using XML


EPIC™ XML is an EPIC client that allows XML-formatted commands to retrieve or configure the managed data provided by the EMANATE® or EMANATE®/Lite Agent. EPIC XML leverages the versatility and utility of EMANATE® and EMANATE®/Lite agents by adding another access method, XML over TCP or SSL, in addition to SNMP. XML-based requests for management information are secured using the same view-based access control technology that secures SNMPv3. EPIC XML also assists with management through firewall issues.


Some of the features in EPIC XML include:

Why XML?

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) has become a hot topic in the computing industry. XML is used in diverse applications: defining schemas for how information is stored and presented, protocols for exchanging data between applications and systems from different vendors, etc. SNMP Research has been researching how this markup language can be applied to standards-based network management.

SNMP Research has developed an XML mapping of the SNMP protocol that conforms to industry standards so the data can be easily repurposed in other XML-friendly applications. Using XML to describe SNMP information allows this data to be sent over SSL or TCP as an alternate communication protocol. The data can even be transferred through firewalls (using Distributed SNMP Security Pack System Architecture). Applications like DSSP can send SNMPv3 packets through a firewall using TCP via an encrypted, secure tunnel.


EPIC XML listens for incoming TCP network connections. When an XML-formatted request for management information is received, EPIC XML sends the request to the EMANATE Master Agent, which then replies with the requested data. EPIC XML then returns the requested management information, formatted with XML tags, on the TCP connection to the originating requestor.

EPIC XML architecture

For Deployment on Agents

SNMP Research has agent-side products that allow agents to accept requests and respond using XML. EMANATE ONE includes EPIC XML. The optional EPIC XML component can be added to EMANATE- or EMANATE/Lite-based agents to provide this capability.

For Deployment on Managers

SNMP Research has manager-side products that:

  1. allow managers to communicate with XML-enabled agents; and
  2. allow applications to use XML to communicate with managers which may then communicate with agents using either SNMP or XML.

Certain versions of SNMP Research's BRASS™ Server can communicate with XML-enabled agents (Bullet 1 above).

Applications can communicate using XML with certain versions of SNMP Research's BRASS™ Server. In particular, the BRASS Server included with the Java™-based Management Application Development Kit can communicate with applications using XML.

Additional Information

For more information on SNMP Communication with XML, read the page entitled Communicating Management Information Using XML

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Available Platforms

EPIC XML is licensed as part of the EMANATE ONE package, which is available on the following platforms:

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

Please note: When a product is licensed, the product will support one platform of your choosing. If you need a product to run on two or more platforms, then a separate license must be acquired for each platform.

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