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Agent or Manager?

Do you need an Agent or a Manager? An agent is a software process that responds to queries using the Simple Network Management Protocol to provide status and statistics about a network node. A manager is an application that manages SNMP agents on a network by issuing requests, getting responses, and listening for and processing agent-issued traps.

If you need to manage agents across a network, then view the Manager products page. If you need to create or edit agents, please refer to the Agent products page.

MIB Products

A few Management Information Base (MIB) documents have advanced far beyond the gathering of data for delivery to a management station. This new generation of MIBs creates a new level of intelligence within the SNMP Agent. However, this generation of "thinker" MIBs are much more difficult to implement properly, requiring more than the MIB Tools or compilers that were sufficient for the earlier generation of MIBs.

These specialty products require an Agent or EMANATE® Agent (or EMANATE®/Lite) before they can be successfully implemented. Each MIB can be used with SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3 Agents, or trilingual Agents that support all three versions. The EMANATE Agent provides additional features including asynchronous processing of multiple SNMP packets.

These MIB implementations are also components of CIAgent® product.

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Host Resources MIB

RFCs 1514, 2790 Implementation

The Host Resources MIB Subagent is a complete subagent implementation of Host Resources MIB, proposed standard RFC 1514. The Host Resources MIB is also compliant with Host Resources MIB, RFC 2790. The subagent provides SNMP access to useful host information, such as the storage resources, process table, device information, and the installed software base. Host Resources is sold as part of CIAgent.

Remote LAN Monitoring (RMON) MIB

RFC 1757 Implementation

The RMON MIB is a source code implementation of the RMON MIB, RFC 1757. The system independent routines have been integrated with easy interfaces, so the development engineer can quickly port onto the required operating system and hardware.

System Application MIB

RFC 2287 Implementation

The System Application (sysappl) MIB (RFC 2287) supports configuration, fault detection, performance monitoring, and control of application software. This agent creates tables that define an application as a series of processes and services. This includes tables that show applications installed on the system, elements and processes that are included in an application, and current and previously run applications. The Systems Application MIB implementation is sold as part of CIAgent.

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