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MIBGuide™ is a comprehensive toolset to design and develop multi-protocol accessible agents using a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

MIBGuide (Management Information Base Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) is an application suite designed to ease the burden of creating MIB documents and developing, testing, and deploying multi-protocol accessible agents. MIBGuide combines Java and XML technology with SNMP Research's many years of Internet Framework network management expertise to provide a comprehensive tool for agent development. Since 1988, SNMP Research has both developed standard MIBs and assisted customers with their own proprietary MIB document development.

Over the years, SNMP Research developed the "five-step method" for agent development which employs automatic code generation tools that deploy an agent with very little hand-coding necessary. Now, with the addition of MIBGuide to SNMP Research's extensive product line, developers may never again have to write a MIB document by hand. Plus, because the MIB is used to model data, the agent can be accessed using SNMP, CLI, XML, HTTP, and other protocols without any additional coding.

MIBGuide gives the developer an easy-to-use framework for modeling, coding, and testing a fully functional, multi-protocol accessible agent.

The benefits of using MIBGuide include:

MIBGuide Components

MIBGuide is composed of a MIB editor, a MIB compiler, an Integrated Development Environment, and a MIB browser. The MIBGuide graphical user interface arranges all the steps of agent development into tabbed panels.

MIBGuide graphical user interface

MIBGuide Editor

MIBGuide Editor is a graphical interface for composing, editing, and saving SMIv2 compliant MIB documents. MIBGuide Editor allows the developer to focus on the data to be managed, which will dramatically speed up the development process. MIBGuide Editor provides a point-and-click interface and easy-to-use wizards while supporting even the most advanced MIB documents.

MIBGuide Editor
MIBGuide Editor provides a comprehensive MIB view, including the MIB Tree
structure, the element details, and the actual ASN.1 notation.

MIBGuide Report
MIBGuide Editor makes table creation quick and easy using a rapid prototyping wizard.

MIBGuide Compiler

MIBGuide Compiler allows developers to use either C or Java APIs to produce a working agent extension. It provides choices for automatically generating code for stable storage, set routines, robust table support, and others.

MIBGuide Compiler
MIBGuide Compiler process the MIB document to automatically generate working method routines.


MIBGuide uses an off-the-shelf IDE that allows the developer to edit the routines automatically generated by the MIBGuide Compiler which support "get" (for remote monitoring), "set" (for remote configuration), and "notify" operations (for notifications or traps).

MIBGuide Code Development
MIBGuide allows developers to use an integrated development environment to complete the automatically generated method routines.

MIBGuide Browser

MIBGuide Browser provides a test-as-you-go approach for testing agent implementations, making an often difficult step much easier.

MIBGuide Browser
MIBGuide Browser allows developers to quickly test agent implementations.


The complete MIBGuide product (with all of the components described above) is available only with the EMANATE® or EMANATE®/Lite Agent. This includes all developer packages such as EMANATE® ONE and the EMANATE® Subagent Development Kit for Java-language development.

The MIBGuide Editor is available for license separately under the product name MIBGuide/Lite, but it must be combined with another SNMP Research product. Contact Sales for complete details.

Available Platforms

MIBGuide will be available on the following platforms:

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

Please note: When a product is licensed, the product will support one platform of your choosing. If you need a product to run on two or more platforms, then a separate license must be acquired for each platform.

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