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The Proxy Option for EMANATE

SNMP Research's agent products do not support the front-end proxy mechanism by default. However, this feature is available in SNMP Research's agent products on selected operating systems through the Proxy Agent Option. The Proxy Agent Option adds to the agent implementation some additional programming which allows the agent to correctly process non-local context values and to forward packets to other SNMP entities.

When the Proxy Agent Option is added to SNMP Research's binary agent products, the only available feature is SNMP protocol conversion.

When the Proxy Agent Option is added to SNMP Research source code agent products, transport protocol conversions an also be supported. The source code can correctly send and receive SNMP packets (raw data) on an IP transport. Hooks are provided in the source code for other transports, but it is a task left to the developer to provide the functions that are necessary to send and receive raw data on other transports.

Additional information on the proxy concepts is also available.

Available Platforms

The Proxy Option is available for EMANATE, EMANATE/Lite, and EMANATE ONE. Please refer to the individual product page for specific operating system availability.

If a particular system is not listed, please contact Sales. We are happy to work with customers to port our products to new systems.

Please note: When a product is licensed, the product will support one platform of your choosing. If you need a product to run on two or more platforms, then a separate license must be acquired for each platform.

Sales Inquiries

For more information, please call +1 865 579-3311, or send email to You can also fill out a Sales Query and one of our sales people will respond to your request quickly.

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