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EMANATE Subagent Development Kit for Java-language Development

The EMANATE® Subagent Development Kit for Java™-language Development allows custom SNMP agent functionality to be developed using the Java language. Java applications may now be instrumented for standards-based monitoring and management by incorporating Java classes which integrate with the EMANATE extensible agent system.

EMANATE agent implementations may now include combinations of C-language subagents and Java-language subagents, all connecting to a common EMANATE Master Agent. In many situations, developers desire a single SNMP agent to manage both legacy applications written in C or C++, and new Java applications. This approach combines the throughput performance and field-proven functionality of the EMANATE Master Agent with the run-anywhere flexibility of Java programs.

The subagent development process for Java subagents is identical to the familiar process using the EMANATE Subagent Development Kit. The developer uses the MIB document as input to the tools, and the tools automatically generate Java classes which implement the defined management objects. The developer then associates the Java data structures to the instrumentation of the application or managed system.



The EMANATE architecture is built around a master agent, an Application Programming Interface (API), and zero to many subagents, which can be added or removed from the Master Agent dynamically. It is this dynamic functionality that provides modular extensibility.

Java Subagents

The Java Subagent is an EMANATE Subagent which allows Java-based network management using SNMP. Java subagents are created from standard or enterprise MIBs using the Java Subagent Development Kit which provides complete support for SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. A Java subagent communicates with the Master Agent through the Java Subagent Adapter. The Java Subagent Adapter communicates with a Java subagent using XML over TCP connection. Also, the Java Subagent adapter communicates with the master agent using the EMANATE protocol.

A Java subagent is not required to run on the same processor or even under the same operating system as the master agent or the Java Subagent Adapter. However, SNMP Research recommends running the Java subagent adapter and master agent on the same host.

The Java Subagent

Java Subagent Communication

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